#1 Dansgolvet

Let the local DJ´s of our city take you on a dance ride you´ll never forget. Our dancefloor offers a space that surely allows you to stretch those dance moves through the rythm of the latest hits out there. Are we human or are we dancers?

#2 Lemon Bar

Allow the boiling hot base beats bomb those speakers by the best disco tunes ever made. A room with engraved footprints from people who’ve been jumping up n’ down for generations.
Chesterfield couches, wooden walls and a couple of persian carpets: What a wonderful world for some Bohemian Rhapsody words.

#3 Vinden

If you struggled yourself all the way up to the top of our building – do you want anything else than an awesome party? Nope, because at our top floor our lead-word is: euphoria. And that’s exactly what you´ll get; euphoric people in a euphoric environment with euphoric music.
And the best part: the room will make you feel like you´re at someone’s private party at someone´s private apartment. And who doesn´t love home partys?

#4 Terrassen

Think tropical. Think jungle. Think the Mediterranean sea and all of a sudden you’ll end up finding yourself sipping at a fresh and fruity drink under the open Gothenburg sky.
Want to socialize in our sofa? Hang out in our mojito-bar? Do some disco-dance at our dance-floor? Sure, just enter our terrace and we´ll deliver all that and more.